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Please send your request before April 10

We all know that the COVID-19 crisis is bringing lots of insecurity for all.

It is impossible for us to know your situation, state of mind, and your desire to keep dancing. We all will come back stronger to support the community. The difficulty in this situation is as follows, where financial losses must be reduced wherever possible.

It is with that in mind that we would like to put the power in your hands to decide how you wish to dispose of the amounts you have invested in buying passes or entry fees for CSC.


  • YOU; our participants,


  • Our artists (many of the people hiring for the are full-time artists and rely on similar events for their income to live)


  • Our Organization team (several costs are not recoverable when an event is cancelled)




-       "DEFERRAL" To hold over your registrations to the next edition of CSC


ADVANTAGES:  This will allow us to have some operating funds that will be used to honor several short and medium term engagements + sunk costs 


It can be used to help pay some of our staff (especially full time artists).


This is option avoids any transaction fees and maintains 100% of the value paid.


-   “REFUND” total or partial **
YOU state the percentage you want to receive then the non-refunded part will be viewed as a DONATION which will be used specifically to pay staff (mainly full time artists)

** Please note that transaction fees whenever they need to or have been incurred are non-refundable.


I want to get back 75% of what I have paid (25% will be used as a DONATION)

I want to get back 50% of what I have paid (50% will be used as a DONATION)

I want to get back 25% of what I have paid (75% will be used as a DONATION)

I want to get back 0% of what I have paid (100% will be used as a DONATION)

It is completely your choice! 

We want to offer you all the solace during these difficult moments. Many of you may be facing hardship financial or otherwise related to the crisis. This is indeed the case for many of our artists and et partners who work in and around the swing community so please have faith that these options are presented without judgement and any choice you make is completely ok!


Fill out this form before April 10th


Then from April 15th we will start sending refund requests either directly (if you bought directly) or through

the organizations you have done business with.

If we do not hear from you before April 10th, we will assume that your choice was to defer to the holding of the actual 19th edition.

The only way to make a donation is in fact to ask for a refund and put the amount you wish to get back and yes then it is possible to write 0% if you are feeling incredibly generous!

We are an incredible and strong community and the virus will not beat us! For sure times are unheard of but like our Quebec PM says… we will win this and everything will go well! We will soon dance together again!  


Thank you,


The CSC team

Didier, Tessa, Chantal-Irene, Guillaume, Sandrine, Maria, Olivier, Dominique, Simon, Maxime, Vanessa, Audrey, Guillaume, Katya, Stephanie, Alexandre, Roxane, Juls, Adam and Elyse

Would you like to difer your registration (If you say yes, 100% of the value will be transfer to the next event)

We've been getting asked where to donate to CSC, so here's a link!


We appreciate every donation, whether big or small!

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